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This section contains tutorials for developers.

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Using the site GitHub we have been able to create and use a large library of resources for this project; using these resources you will have endless possibilities for nodes to create .

Most of the work is done using OpenSCAD templates to create OpenSCAD sourcve files. These are then converted into .STL files, ready to print.

A good starting point is looking at Team 2&apos's repository on GitHub. a link is below

Team Description Link
Team 1 Team 1 used Python to develop different outputs models for the program to be able to use. They are currently 3 different outputs. Compact Node, Exploded Node and Exploded Lego Node. The code will normalize Unreal Engine Blueprint Editor Clipboard data, ready for team 2. ShipleyCollege/ViPTeam1
Team 2 Created templates in OpenSCAD so that the .scad file team 1 created would be made into a 3D model (an STL file) ready to be printed. ShipleyCollege/ViPTeam2
Team 3 Create QR codes from Team 1's data. ShipleyCollege/ViPTeam3

Resources such as Team 1’s node extraction and conversion tools, or Team 2’s openscad libraries to Team 3’s array of QR codes. Using any number of these tools you will be able to create whichever nodes you need or want.

We originally used Unreal Engine 4 to get the nodes both as a reference but also as a baseline, we copied the node within UE4 and pasted it into a python program; this node was then extracted into many lines of complex code, we then created another tool which simplified it and produced small strings, usable by yet another program; however this next program, was used to create simple models. Then we used openscad to mould the models to match the node within UE4 and with these models we were able to export the models into a filetype usable by our 3D printer. After the model was printed we then added the model to the QR database and printed out and stuck the Qr code to the node, enabling the user to easily reference the node.

This project is opensource and will be available for editing by anyone

As a developer you can do anything with the tools available, follow the link and refine, innovate and expand on the project. Your possibilities are endless.

As a facilitator, you may use our wide library of nodes and you can print out as many as you desire, assuming you have access to a valid 3D printer.

As a user we hope that you find our project helpful and useful for whatever you find yourself using them for.

How can I help in chalk

How can I help?

The main areas which you could create your own things for are the type of output model you want, you may have your own variation which is better for you, or your student to use. This is the main reason we chose to use a template driven application because depending on the facilities you have available and the student the preferences may change. It also allows people to improve on our templates.