Tutorial - Facilitators

This section contains tutorials for facilitators.

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Overview of the Facilitators Role.

For Project VIP to be successful and use-able by the end users, there will have to be help/facilitators to produce new models. Every time there is a new task for the visually impaired person to do, a facilitator must produce new nodes to allow the student to work. To produce new nodes the facilitators have to use OpenSCAD and Slic3r. Below are tutorials on how to use both and how they interact;

Open Scad Developer View

Creating Nodes in OpenSCAD.

In order to create new nodes we use a program called OpenSCAD. This allows the facilitator to customise the nodes that are produced, this is useful for creating different nodes for different projects in the future. We chose to use OpenSCAD as it is a free open source piece of software, meaning anyone can download and use it for free!

3D printer print bed

Printing the Nodes.

Once the nodes have been created in OpenSCAD they are ready to be printed on the 3D printer. Here is a tutorial on how it's done.