Which software is currently supported?

Closeup of some software code

Supported Software

We have used a template driven approach to converting virtual items to physical items.

So far, templates have been written for the following software packages;

  • Unreal Engine Blueprints
  • Code.org's Hour of Code
  • Scratch
  • Blockley
  • Lucid Chart Flowcharts

To enable you to quickly get up to speed, we have created three different tutorial paths, depending on what you aim to do next.


A set of Python scripts have been written to copy from the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Editor's Clipboard and convert it into the normalised format.

This normalised format can then be printed using one of the Blueprint OpenScad tempaltes

A GUI application has been written to make this process a little easier ‐ it also has an option for creating different size blank nodes, which you can then alter manually to add any text you would like


Hour of Code, Scratch and Blockley

To create physical copies of the virtual nodes, you have to write the code which will use the Scratch OpenSCAD templates.

However, a lot of these have already been written and, worst case, they can be used as examples on how to create new nodes.

These are the simplest and are probably a good place to start

Hour of Code


Only two of the LucidChart Flowchart nodes, decision and action, are currently supported.

The flowchart is copied to the clipboard and processed by a Python script to create an OpenSCAD file in the normalised format.

This script then uses the LucidChart OpenSCAD template we developed to create a 3D model, which can be printed