Hour of Code / Blockley / Scratch

Tutorials on how to use these node types.

3D printed Hour of Code resources being used

Hour of Code

Hour of code is an effort by Code.org to get young people into coding. It has backing from a wide range of industry leaders such as Gabe Newell, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Hour of code is meant to be an hour of your time dedicated to creating something based around a specific theme. The only tool you need is the online visual programming suite (similar to Scratch by MIT).

The main issue with an activity like this is that it is solely visual, excluding young people who wish to take part that have a visual impairment. For this reason we used Project VIP to 3D print every single resource from hour of code, this included each individual node, 3D models of the relevant characters and the board on which the nodes will be placed, this enabled one of our students (Callum ) to take part in the hour of code without actually touching a computer.