Tutorial - Users

This section contains tutorials for end users.

User using braille

Using the Physical Objects

Below are different tutorials on how to use the systems we currently have working. Remember that if you get stuck, there is a forum available ‐link at the top of the page ‐ which contains help for all user types.

3D printed hour of code nodes being used

Hour of Code and Scratch

Code.org's Hour of Code uses Scratch to define program logic. these logic nodes can be 3D printed with both text and braille.

There are two different types of node, Action and event.

blueprint editor showing some nodes

Unreal Engine Blueprints

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a state of the art game engine which can be used to create different types of game. It can be programmed using C++ or Blueprints.

Blueprints are virtual nodes which use drag and drop to position and are then connected using virtual wires. bluepirnts make it much easier to program UE4 but they are visual in nature. By using a 3d printer these nodes can be made physical and logic networks produced. these networks are then copied back into UE4 and run.